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I want a bike!!!!!!!!!!!(2 posts)

I want a bike!!!!!!!!!!!94Nole
Jul 18, 2002 10:15 AM
Some say buy this. Others say buy that. Some say build it yourself. Others say buy used. I am so confused and paralyzed by the analysis I have done over the past two weeks. I have been in LBS where the guy has spent 2 hours with me, others that couldn't find a valve stem. What do you do when you find a bike in a LBS that you think you want but are uncomfortable buying because of the seeming lack of knowledge in the staff?

Boy do I need help.
re: I want a bike!!!!!!!!!!!jose_Tex_mex
Jul 18, 2002 10:49 AM
You would probably get more feedback if you posted this on the General board.
In any case, the bottom line is how much do you want to spend?
As for the people at the bike store I would not mind them. It's surprising that they do not know a whole lot. However, it might help as they will not try to bull#$% you.
Try posting this on the other board (I'll answer again) and tell how much you would like to spend, what you hope to do with the bike (race, have fun, tour), the brands you have been looking for at the LBS, and anything else and I am sure you will have better luck.