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re: exceptional shop found at lastThirtyFive
Jul 17, 2002 12:31 PM
i just wanted to spread the news about a new shop that i happened accross by chance. prices are very competative and the owner has an impeccable memory. in my dealings with him, he made a few phone calls for me to make sure that everything would be just right and i never had to bother bargaining as he always gave me a great price. what really impressed me was his attention to detail when packing my items. it really showed how much he cared and i can only imagine the care with which he must take care of his bike(s) and other's as ive only seen this attention to detail from other enthusiasts. he even tossed in a few trinkets as free gifts for buying through him which was icing on an already sweet cake. i was also surprised to see email a few days later asking me if all was well and if i had any questions about the install to feel free and ask (this was after he had my money btw...). if you ever need anything send him an email. i know i will be as it is shops like these that set the standard.
MacLaren Cycle Works, Ltd. Co. in Bennington, VT.

if you feel wierd sending a 'cold' email feel free to mention my name. its no benefit to me, but i was happy enough with the service of this shop to want to share it with others. the contact's name at the other end of the email address is Peter in case you were wondering

david nguyen