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LBS deal?bm
Jul 6, 2002 8:15 AM
an LBS has 2 great deals. i'd like to know what you peops think about them:

cannondale r900, reg. $1700, ON SALE $1300, ultegra + 105, caad 5 frame, i think yr 2002

cannondale r700, reg. ?, ON SALE ~$1000, 105 + tiagra, caad 4/5 frame, i think yr 2002

i'm particularly interested in the r900 . . . but, what about the r700 . . . and what's the deal with tiagra? i don't think tiagra is race-ready . . . or am i wrong.

opinions appreciated. thanks
Jul 6, 2002 4:13 PM
I'd get the r900... that is a great price for any bike with a bit of Ultegra on it. Keep in mind that the r900 has better hubs, a better fork, better tires, an actual shimano chainring (rather than cannondale), shimano brakes, better bars, better rims and spokes... need I go on?
Jul 7, 2002 10:23 AM
Check with them about the R2000 my LBS just placed an order and they will be 1600 when they arrive...and I like the Proton wheelset!!