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great place for Mavic wheelset , SIDI, Timedidier
Jun 5, 2002 1:42 AM
I had an excellent buying experience on a Mavic Ksyrium SSC 2001 Tubular, and wanted to share it with anyone interested.

Mavic stuff is French, and so it stands to reason that it would be cheaper there. And How! See - a French online shop. Prices on the site are listed in Euro's. There are 1.12 euro's per $1.00 when I bought my wheels there two weeks ago. Prices on velostore are listed including "VAT" (19.6% tax) which is refunded for purchases delivered outside the E.U.

So velostores cost for a new set of Ksyrium is 495.0 euros. Take this, divide 1.196 , add 56 euros for shipping to USA and divide the whole mess by 1.12 to arrive at total delivered cost of $420, which I guarantee you you will not find at any online US outlets.
You can do it automaticaly ! Add it with the yellow shopping cart then click "free taxe cotation" fillin the form and just wait the e-mail answer with your personal free taxe cotation!
Franck at velostore said it would take 10 days - it took exactly that to arrive at my door .

If you check the website you will see it is all in French (which I am lucky to be fluent in having lived there several years). If French is like greek for you, don't sweat it.The website is translated into english as well!
Click on the English flag on the top of the site...
or Just email, and tell him, in English, exactly what you want, and that you are in the US (or Canada, or anywhere outside the EU for that matter). He will take it from there. He is very quick with the email, and friendly to deal with. The stuff I got from him is just superior.

SIDI, Time and Team Jersey stuff are very cheap !
Have a look!
and don't forget