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Trek bike pricesrtt
Mar 19, 2002 8:53 PM
I'm interested in purchasing a Trek bike. Here are the prices at a local shop for the models I'm looking at. Are these reasonable compared to other shops around the country? Thanks for any help.

Trek 2300 double $1800
Trek 5200 double $2500
re: Trek bike pricesPeterRider
Mar 20, 2002 12:54 PM
If you want to save money, I have a used Trek 5200 56cm for sale for $890 ! :-) Very good condition, it is for sale in the classifieds of this website, and pictures are on

If you want only a new one, the price for the 5200 sounds normal. By looking on the web and at sales, you may find it cheaper, typically 2200$ or if you're very lucky at 2000$. For the 2300, it looks expensive, I thought that regular price was around 1600$... but maybe I'm wrong.

re: Trek bike pricesrtt
Mar 20, 2002 9:43 PM
Thanks for the info. I'm looking for a new one because I hear the carbon fiber frames crack and I'd like the lifetime warranty. Any truth to that?

Where on the web do you suggest looking for a new 5200? I know dealers aren't allowed to mail order, so I'd have to go pick it up, but it still might be worth it.
re: Trek bike pricesmhtom
Mar 21, 2002 12:27 AM
Check out
re: Trek bike pricesrobbz27
Mar 28, 2002 3:20 PM
That's right on par for pricing.

When looking for a 5200, ask the shop if they have any early season models as they came w/ Rolf Vector Pros (unlikely by this time in the season). Also, all Trek aluminum road bikes have been redesigned for 2002, so shops will most likely be willing to offer you a better deal on 01 models as most people (you probably included so this post is probably worthless) want the newer aluminum frames.

Good Luck!
re: Trek bike pricesjasthomas
Apr 3, 2002 9:18 AM
I know of a shop that's blowing out a leftover 2000 5300 in US Postal colors. Post your email and I can give you the specifics.
re: Trek bike pricesAlgae
Apr 10, 2002 2:25 PM

please send me the info!=)