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Dura Ace 9x STI 7700ksfacinelli
Feb 21, 2002 6:45 PM
OK...if you are looking for a deal on a 9 speed Dura Ace shift kit (yes all cables, everything to install(NEW)) this is it...I called Chuck at Chucks Bikes from a recommendation on this list and he came through with a brand new Dura Ace 9x STI 7700 system 189.00 + 6.50 shipping.

I am no way associated with Chuck but I will say he delivered the less that 4 day's......

This is a HOT DEAL if you need Dura Ace speed shifters...

Chuck said he was having some problems with his ISP but you can see most his stuff at

He is the real deal...happy customer...

support the small guy out there,

Kevin Facinelli
Cedar Rapids, Iowa