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Trek 1000..... Where can I buy???(2 posts)

Trek 1000..... Where can I buy???Rob
Dec 6, 2001 5:12 PM
I am looking to buy a new Trek 1000 (99', 2000 or 2001) and it seems that all the dealers I find are not allowed to sell or ship those bikes because Trek wants then to only sell to "walk in" customers. I have an idea why they do this, but I live in Japan and Trek Japan only in=mports two sizes 50&52cm. I need a 56-60cm bike. Anyone have any ides where I can get this bike
re: Trek 1000..... Where can I buy???Blue 'Goose
Jan 2, 2002 5:46 AM
Some ideas:
-find someone you know and trust in the continental U.S.
-ask them to help you get a bicycle that fits you.
-wire them the money so they can buy the bike if they agree.
-maybe pay them extra $ to deal with the hassle of this.
-have them buy the bike in your size.
-have them pay the shop to pack it for shipping.
-have them ship the bike to you partially assembled.
-you end up with the bike you want and all is well.

Good luck!