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gotta hand it to excel.....++++(2 posts)

gotta hand it to excel.....++++dupe
Nov 21, 2001 11:56 AM
bought a bunch of knick knacks and gear for winter.

again effortless (via phone), staff offered good opinions and alternatives, arived on time with all items. size questions were all perfect - everything fits well.

two things that i had not considered (they suggested) i am happy to have chosen - merlin (hind) armwarmers at less than 10 bucks. i dont have a merlin but im sure with a little effort i can clear the logo's - dont really care that much. fit and are warm. they chose size medium and i would have thought i needed size large and they were right.

castelli oversock- $20 - dont ride in wet conditions and didnt want a heavy neoprene boot. rode out this morning and at 40 degrees with my summer socks they felt perfect. im sure they will wear out in a few months but im happy. not to hard to slip on/off over shoes.

both items are cheaper than i would have considered and im happy for it.
they keep getting my coin all the time and will do so.
re: gotta hand it to excel.....++++wes
Nov 21, 2001 9:18 PM
They keep getting my business too. I asked them to match the price on a stem. They couldn't, but they did drop the price to within $5. I am getting the thing for about 40% off their regular price.

Zonabici is really cheap, but they have a fixed shipping price for all orders, around $30. Unless I do huge orders, I go through Excel.