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Nov 5, 2001 6:54 PM
Xpedia sales in England ( appears to be nothing but a scam. Once they had access to my credit card number they added $208 in extra charges, which I never authorized and they never explained. I spoke with them about this and gave them every opportunity to prove that this was just an honest mistake, but they did nothing but rebuff me. Don't buy from them--once they have your credit card number you're going to find yourself paying for things that you never authorized.
re: WATCH OUT FOR XPEDIAfiltersweep
Nov 6, 2001 7:59 PM
wow! Nice prices on shoes!

What do you mean they added charges to your card? For different purchases, or added them to the total price? Also, keep in mind there is an exchange rate... I trust you didn't confuse pounds with the US almight dollar?
re: WATCH OUT FOR XPEDIAaustinrider
Nov 8, 2001 10:33 AM

I recently ordered a pair of Sidi Energy's from Xpedia and had little problem. The shoes arrived about 7 business days after I ordered them.

The only thing I noticed was that on the website their prices are listed in Pounds with the US dollars listed next to it. But the US dollars must be based on an old, very favorable exchange. Only trust the Pounds for prices, and look up the current exchange. I think somewhere in the small print it states that prices are in pounds.

Anyway, I still ended up getting a brand new pair of Energy's for $140, with shipping.

Though now I'm nervously awaiting my next credit card statement....
Dec 26, 2001 10:56 AM
Were you ever able to recover your money from Xpedia? Also what did you order? I am looking at making about $500 worth of purchases from them Please let me know. John