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Looking to buy Kestrel Talonrev
Oct 17, 2001 4:19 PM
I am about to buy my first legitimate road bike and I am about 99% sure I want to get a Kestrel Talon. I have riden a wide variety of different frames and and components, from the trek 5200 to Lemond to my son's colnogo dream plus and I like both the ride and response of the Kestrel. I am about to turn 50 a former marathoner whose knees can't take it any more but I still would like to find something I can compete in at my level. What is reasonable to pay for the talon with full ultegra package. Rev
re: Looking to buy Kestrel TalonKam
Oct 18, 2001 10:34 PM
supergo had unbelievable prices on the talons about 3 weeks ago. now they have only framesets for sale, $1250 with the ems pro carbon fork. it seems abit steep compared to the prices they had for the complete bikes. i think the ultegra was about $1800, but i can't be too sure.
re: Looking to buy Kestrel TalonClimber
Nov 20, 2001 8:00 AM
I've been searching to. The best price I've come across, now that Supergo is sold out is from
$2,079.90 for a 2002 with Ultegra