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Brooks Team Pro $42.98 at Performance(7 posts)

Brooks Team Pro $42.98 at PerformancePogliaghi
Aug 21, 2001 12:46 PM
For you Brooks lovers out there, get 'em quick, customer service said there's less than 15 in stock.
CoolBrenton Rhodes
Aug 21, 2001 1:31 PM
I have found some great deals from some of these ads posted on these message boards. Thank you!

MoronScoot-Pud Moron Patrol
Aug 22, 2001 8:37 AM
re: Brooks Team Pro $42.98 at PerformanceHmmmmmmm
Aug 22, 2001 5:39 AM
do those rivets get hot if you leave your bike out in the sun?
re: Brooks Team Pro $42.98 at Performancemackgoo
Aug 22, 2001 9:50 AM
Sir, your suposed to ride your bike. Not sit it the sun.
re: Brooks Team Pro $42.98 at PerformanceHmmmmmmm
Aug 22, 2001 12:25 PM
but I have to take a break at some point- I can't ride 85 miles straight yet, and there's not always a shady spot to park my bike
re: Brooks Team Pro $42.98 at Performancenuke
Aug 28, 2001 8:39 PM
OK, yes the rivets DO get hot when they sit in the sun. They ARE metal, after all? And anything gets hot sitting in the sun eh? But it's a simple matter of thermodynamics...

(mass of copper rivet)(heat capacity factor)(change in temp)=(mass of your A$$)(heat capacity factor)(change in temp)

Since the mass of your A$$ is far more than the mass of the copper rivet, I don't think that the heated copper rivet would raise your A$$ temperature substantially that you would notice.

Problem solved! :-)