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Killer deals on bikes and components from the manufacturerSteve Bradley
Aug 14, 2001 6:34 PM
I have found some really incredible deals at "Top Gun Suspension" at: on various bicycle components including suspension systems, disc brakes and frames that I was really interested in purchasing. Since they are a manufacturer, you can most likely get the best deals if you are looking into purchasing in quantities, however, they do offer the best deals from anyone that I know of overseas, even on single units.

I was out looking for either a T.G.S. 2002A MTB or a 207SA Suspension system that has been tested under extreme vigorous conditions, that I can trust for durability and perfomance. Their prices are dirt cheap. They also had a 019SAD Trekking variation system that is the best I have seen so far. All you got to do is make them a fair offer and they really meet you half way. It seems that they aim to please. That is for sure. A friend of mine just got an incredible deal on their Scoot-Ped mini bike. Don't laugh, that thing is pretty cool and a great conversation maker indeed. I just wanted to pass around this information...I do not work for them either, but I just thought you will be interested to know more about this manufacturer that I found to be the best so far, after painstakingly searching for the best deals on the net. I definitely feel you should add this to your source of best buys. Contact them and find out. You will know what I am talking about. Good luck!
Go away nowSick of Scoot-Pud
Aug 14, 2001 8:54 PM
Haven't you Scoot-Pud dorks just about worn out your welcome around here?
pretty coolDarryl
Aug 14, 2001 9:07 PM
You are so obvious.Scy
Aug 28, 2001 9:46 PM
At least your original post below was an honest advertisment. What's even worse are the bogus one-line replies in response to criticism. All obviously written by someone whose first language is not the Queen's tongue.
ThanksBite Me
Aug 29, 2001 12:23 AM
In any advertisement format, the person placing or posting ads does not need to use the Queen's English, but rather use buzz words that attract and allure people to read and understand what the advertisement is all about. In all honesty, the person who probably placed this ad, is most likely very business minded to attract so many people to read the information provided. In addition, I do feel that the ad represents pure honesty in a company that manufactures safe and sound products without using and/or printing any misleading or bogus offers like many of the other ads I have found placed on this board. I do not believe that the person(s) who placed these similar ads were trying to fool or trick anyone to think that every ad placed was from a different person. However, it was probably to their best interest to use their ability to attract as many people to the ad as much as possible, which they have definitely succeeded in, if you look at the number of views listed. The response to criticism may or may not have been from the same exact person. However, if it was, I do feel that the response was merely not to create further flame wars on this board and to cancel out the negative immature comments that were posted by people without any respect to other people placing honest and fair ads on the board. Greg from (Road Bike Review) mentioned that there are so many flame wars from people who do not have any respect for other people on this board. He mentioned that he is working on having each person register and become a member before they can post any comment to any specific ad, so the person who placed the ad will know exactly who made the comment (Good or Bad). I hope this will be available very soon because in the future, people will think twice before making any proposterous or phony comments that only reflects their ignorance and lack of respect to innocent people on the board.
Christ, another one!!Scy
Aug 30, 2001 10:43 PM
I have no problem manufacturers advertising. But it's disgusting and dishonest to do so in the guise of being an unbiased consumer.

The posts on this forum are not supposed to be "ads." If you want to post an ad, under any of your numerous aliases, you should do so in the classifieds.

By the way, it's not the content of the post that generates "the number of views listed," its the Topic heading. That Topic heading would have generated the exact same number of views even if the main text were written in Esperanto about the mating rituals of mollusks..

In response to the following statement: "I do feel that the ad represents pure honesty in a company that manufactures safe and sound products without using and/or printing any misleading or bogus offers like many of the other ads I have found placed on this board."----> I guess you are admitting that the original post was indeed an ad?

You are so OBVIOUS.
Aug 31, 2001 1:20 AM
Hi Scy, It is so obvious that are a real loser with too much time on your hands, that you seek an argument to get attention. By using my Psychology and Psychotherapy skills, I can tell that you are a person that does not have a job nor any friends that like you. I can picture you sitting home all day long at your computer, or sofa eating Pop Tarts and Ding Dongs. You search desperately to find someone to attack because this is your only way of obtain gratification by getting into an argument, in order to meet someone. The ads that are placed contain true and honest information that may be of great interest to consumers. All the ads are written from unbiased consumers that felt that they received great deals in their business transactions in the past. The number of views reflects the contents within the message itself, as it is traced to the manufacturers counter in comparison to the board. So you are wrong! If you don’t like it, just leave. Don’t you ever tell anyone where to place their ads. They do what they feel is right. Non of the ads that I know of, contain any bogus, or misleading offers. I don’t appreciate your slanderous comments and nasty remarks that only reflect your ignorance. I am getting totally sick and tired of your stupid comments. I really would like to meet you and settle this once and for all. Once you meet me, it will the biggest nightmare you ever had in your life. I am a 37 year old bodybuilder that weighs 280 pounds at 6’11” If you don’t believe me, I will send you some photos and awards that I have received at Gold’s Gym. I am warning you coward, you are pushing the wrong persons buttons. I may report you to Gregg Kato at Road Bike Review and he may be able to obtain some information about you. I may actually surprise you myself at your front door. You will be so sorry when you meet me. I can just imagine how white your face will become. Oh yeah, one more thing, your English is no better than a Jr High School student trying to look for big words to make themselves look good. I can tell that you are worthless and meaningless to everyone that knows you. You are a loser and a piece of tripe. It is so obvious that you are so ignorant and utterly ridiculous that your own fat mother probably hates you. I suggest you go back to school and get out of trouble before someone breaks your neck as a result of your BIG mouth. Get out of my hair fool.
SCY is Dumb and sucks his ThumbLakers Rule
Aug 31, 2001 1:30 AM
Bite Me, That's telling him offBall Chain
Aug 31, 2001 7:58 AM
I am with you Bite Me. There is always some idiot trying to ridicule another person by responding negatively to someones ad to only make trouble. I also agree, that these people probably have too much time on their hands and are looking for an argument to get attention in order to satisfy their dull lives. I read all the ads posted and they all sound pretty good to me. A great deal posted is really supposed to attract people and I feel that it was done in a very creative and business oriented manner to target a market that is searching for great deals. The Great Deals board grants anyone the right to share any bicycle oriented information that they feel may be of interest to someone else. I also agree with you when you said, if you don't like it, just leave and move on. I guess Scy is just one of those parasitic people that are annoying and needs a good swap in the head. I also posted an ad in the past and was very surprised when I was bombarded with array of negative comments from people that are just like Scy. They are so immature and sometimes I wish the shoe was on the other foot, so they will know exactly what it feels like if someone else was to try to ridicule them. I can honestly say that these boards should me monitored more and not allow these few people to make gestures and criticise and make slanderous comments. I only believe in constructive criticism as kind suggestions that only helps a person, rather than lead to flame wars that are obscene. I also heard that Gregg Kato from "Road Bike Review" is hot on the trail for violators making trouble for other people on the board. I hope he catches these scavengers soon. I may actually help him in the search myself. If I find out who Scy is, you will be the first to know. Hee Hee Hee.
More MoronsScoot-Pud Moron Patrol
Aug 31, 2001 8:36 PM
You have been identified as Scoot-Pud Morons. I have a proposal for you. If all of the legitimate posters on this board (those who actually like bikes) get together the $29.95 to buy one of your silly Scoot-Puds, will you go away for good? This group purchase would no doubt double your sales in the U.S. to date. You could then shut down the public storage unit where you operate this fly-by-night company and limit your sales to unsuspecting consumers in third world countries: sort of how the U.S. tobacco companies have targeted overseas markets now that domestic sales have decreased. Give it some thought. We're all really tired of you, and this is the only way you'll make a single sale despite your continuous pimping of the Scoot-Pud. Oh, by the way, anything I've said here about you, your company, or your ridiculous product is, of course, just my humble opinion. Have a nice day.
But you are a MoronBite Me
Sep 1, 2001 12:49 PM
You have also been identified, but only as a total single moron in whicn I also have a separate proposal for you as well. If all of the legitimate retards on this board like yourself (those who actually like your mother) get together the $12.00 to buy one of your mothers fat ass, will you also go away for good? This group purchase would no doubt double your sales in the U.S. to date. You could then shut down your mothers life support unit where you operate your brothel house and limit your sales to unsuspecting consumers in third world countries after your ugly mother is sold and dead: sort of how the U.S. tobacco companies have targeted retarded mothers like yours, now that domestic sales have decreased. Give it some thought. We're all really tired of you strapping your mother on the wall to sell her, and this is the only way you'll make a single sale despite your continuous pimping of your own filthy mother. Oh, by the way, anything I've said here about you, your stinking life, or your ridiculous mother is, of course, just my humble opinion. Have a nice day and ask your mother if I was that good last night. Thanks!

Now I can move on and stop reading your dirty ridiculous phony, slanderous, immature, malicious, tiresome, idiotic, retarded, vulgar, stupid comments just like what life did to your face. I feel much better now getting that off my chest. You asked for it and you got it good!!! If you make life hell for someone else, you will get back it in ten folds. Trust me!

Before you post anything further, I suggest you read "Road Bike Reviews" policy in which it states I will:

Not employ personal insults, malicious attacks, name calling, foul language

Speak to the issues, not attacking the person

Be honest and fair

State opinions grounded in fact or reason

Offer sincere help, particularly to newer riders and posters

Respect other's opinions, no matter how we disagree

Remember, anyone has the right to sue for slander or false accusations if it causes financial, physical harm and emotional burden in any way for a fair and adequate settlement in which the court will grant the person or victim. This may actually happen to the National Inquisitor who passes himself off as a phony Mr. Judge Reinmold and Scy for their slanderous and malicious comments. Anyone have the right to find out exactly who they all are if necessary by an internet detective or "Road Bike Review" as well. That is our right. We can surely press charges against all of them and put a lien on their house to render the amount of losses due to their malicious and slanderous actions. We need to keep the peace on this board and read the policy on "Road Bike Review" and understand the terms carefully. Thank you and have a great day.
I can see it nowScoot-Pud Moron Patrol
Sep 1, 2001 6:28 PM
Judge: "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is an action for defamation. The plaintiffs in this action are Lakers Rule, Bite Me, and Ball Chain."

You may want to locate a good jury consultant before the case gets to trial. :-(
Your true colors finally showScy
Sep 5, 2001 8:21 AM
Your true colors finally show. Threats of lawsuits and physical violence. References to mothers, murder, brothels, retarded persons, and prostitution. Very sad. I also noticed that your posts are made at one or two o'clock in the AM; are you posting from Scoot-pud's headquarters in the Far East?

Again, we have no problem with ads. But the ads do not belong in the forums section posing as legitimate posts from consumers. It is simply misleading.You continuing to refer to those Scoot-pud posts as "ads" merely supports my conclusion.

I am not sure what's up with all this talk of slander and violence. You cannot sue anyone for slander who has not SPOKEN; I'm sure you mean libel. To obtain a judgment in a cause of action for libel, you must at least prove that the statement was false and that you sustained a financial loss as a result. First, my opinions above were obviously my opinion, and not statements of fact.

As for the violence, well, being a bodybuilder rather than a cyclist would give you the weight and strength advantage. I'm sure it would make your day to hurt someone.

By the way, at 280 pounds what kind of components are on your bike? Not many road bikes can take that kind of weight. You must look so cool on your scoot-pud.