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Killer deals on bikesJammin
Aug 12, 2001 2:22 PM
Depending on what you like, I found a few excellent deals on bikes that I was interested in... and it happened to be a local shop!

The place is Ernies bike shop in N. Canton Oh. 1-330-494-5323

I was out looking for either a Trek 2300 or a Lemond Zurich. They had 2 01 Zurichs left in stock and offered them for $1500.00 Wow, I was gonna do it until they offered me a 02 Trek 2300 for $1799 minus a 10% discount for joining the Stark county bike club ($20 Membership fee) so we are talking $1620, or $1705 out the door price! I think the 10% discount applys to any bike. I thought it was a good deal anyways.....just wanted to pass it on...I don't work for them or anything weird like that.