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cant praise excel sports highly enough(1 post)

cant praise excel sports highly enoughwes_london
Jun 29, 2001 1:51 AM
after having bought from totalcycling, supergo, performance et al
i am absolutely happy with a large purchase made with excel sports.

from begining to end. very comfortable to ask questions and seek good advice. total knowledge of most of the items. helpfull in making last minute changes. they can do cod's as im always reticent in giving my credit info out. but most importantly everything arrived as ordered and when they said it would.

they have very reasonable prices on most items. and if there was a cheaper item or something on sale that i had not considered they mentioned it. and this was all done via phone with a human and it was a totally positive experience too. i must have made inquiries at least on 3 occasions with regard to setup and spec and at no stage did any of the people at excel seem to mind.

im always very fussy and have had day long debates with other big name catalogue and web companies as generally ive found that once they had made their sale all afterservice has been a something they cant be bothered with even when they have made a mistake.

ill give excel a big rap because they got every detail right first time with no fuss. they'll see more of my money without a doubt.

ciao, wes