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Any helmets with the FIT of Giro Pneumo ... but under $100?(2 posts)

Any helmets with the FIT of Giro Pneumo ... but under $100?VW
Jun 22, 2001 11:33 AM
I went to the LBS to find a new helmet. I tried a couple of Bells and the Giro Majove, but I found these helmets were too narrow. When I pressed down the helmets from the top, I felt top sides of my head pressing really hard against the helmet. A larger size helmet became too loose. I guessed I have a very round head. I never knew this, but when I ran my hand on my head, I found, at the rear part of my head, a pointed spot on each side (I got horns?!).

Finally, I tried the Pneumo. I pressed the helmet down hard, and I felt even pressure thoughout my head (Lance must have horns too!) The Pneumo was very comfortable, but $150 is a little steep especially when I just spent over $100 buying the Sidi Genius 3 shoes (By the way, they were great!).

Are there similar fit helmets for under $100? Thanks!
Giro sizing....ugh..GregR
Jun 30, 2001 7:16 AM
I have that same problem, my head is too big for the S/M sized helmets, and I need to wrap my head in a bandana to get the L/XL even close to snug. Giro would do a great service to themselves by making a M/L helmet....

What Is it with 2 sizes fit all?