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Best deal on a commuting road bike?(2 posts)

Best deal on a commuting road bike?Czieje
Jun 12, 2001 6:24 PM
Does anyone have any suggestions on really good deals on a road/tour bikes for a daily commute of 25 miles? I need to put on a rear rack so it has to have eyelets...
re: Best deal on a commuting road bike?Jay H
Jun 19, 2001 11:21 AM
There are options for those bikes without rear racks and I'm not talking about the seatpost beam racks either:

is an option if you have that kind of dropout. I'm going to be using one with my commuting bike, a '98 lemond zurich... I'm about to buy this rack for it too:

Looks sweet and I was given that rec. from a friend online..