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Two Great Shops in the N TX areapilotpat
Jun 3, 2001 5:46 AM
Just wanted to drop a note about two outstanding shops.

One: If you're going to the Hotter 'n Hell Hundred this August, check out the new LBS in Wichita Falls, TX - Texoma Cycling (940-723-7230). Jarvis there is incredible, I broke a spoke Thursday night, brought the bike in Friday noon knowing I probably wouldn't get to ride Sat Morning. He didn't have quite the right spoke in stock, but offered to fix the wheel with one that would work, let me get to the Sat ride, and then replace the spoke when the new one came in for no additional charge. I still didn't get to ride, though because I asked him to look at the BB, which was creaking, and of course, it was broken, and being the new splined Ultegra, was out of stock. This brings me to shop two:

REI (Chain outdoor store - at Dallas-Fort Worth. This is where I bought my Novara Trionfo. Called them up and talked to Tim Graves, the bikestore mgr. He said "no problem," and arranged to pay for the part and labor at Texoma Cycling, since it would take 'till Friday for him to order the BB and mail it to Jarvis and he didn't think it would be fair for me to miss a whole week of cycling because of a faulty/misinstalled part.

So I won't get to ride this weekend, but I'm pretty happy to have found two outstanding places to get biking stuff and service.