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Thumbs-up to "Loose Screws" Bicycle Small Parts(3 posts)

Thumbs-up to "Loose Screws" Bicycle Small PartsDigital Dave
Jun 1, 2001 1:52 PM
I've had an excellent experience fitting a Dura-Ace freewheel with new cogs. Although they bill themselves as a "net-only" e-commerce site (and it is a nice site), after I ordered a complete freewheel they promptly called apologizing that they in fact did not have that piece in stock. I called back (thank caller id) and after a few different conversations had just what I needed to lower my gearing to a better hill-climbing setup. I recommend them. Their site is "Loose Screws/The Third Hand" at
The site isn't the fastest (they're working on it) but they have a well organized database of available parts.

p.s. (They will be shut down until Sept.)
re: Thumbs-up to "Loose Screws" Bicycle Small PartsJohnG
Jun 1, 2001 7:15 PM
These nice folks really go overboard on the service side of the bus. They even left me a voice mail regarding an order I had. You won't get type of service from 99% of the other vendors in this business.

re: Thumbs-up to "Loose Screws" Bicycle Small
Jun 7, 2001 11:40 AM
I heard a nasty rumor that they were going out of business. Thankfully that appears to be untrue.