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Newbie to Road, Buy a Bulls Bike?(1 post)

Newbie to Road, Buy a Bulls Bike?SSgt Jeremy in Germany
Jun 1, 2001 6:33 AM
I am going to buy my first road bike and curious if anyone has ever heard of a brand by the name of Bulls. I am stationed in Germany and I can get a all aluminum bike with full Ultegra components with double or triple ring for right at $900. The Germany bike shop said the frames are made in tawain and they dont have any in stock and I would have to order it. Is this a good deal? The bike can be viewed at I used to ride a mountain bike when I was living in the states, but I crashed and broke my wrist, and would like to try road biking. The German Mark to US Dollar rate is great here right now and I am trying not to buy a crap bike, is it ok to buy a bike without riding it first? Thanks for any help you can offer.