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Great Carnac Shoe prices!(2 posts)

Great Carnac Shoe prices!Raywood
May 29, 2001 5:01 PM
I've been looking for a new pair of Carnacs for sometime but didn't want to spend $169.00 for the Alizes. Recently Carnac's website added the link so checked it out and have watched the prices fuctuate weekly (probably related to the dollar rate). Today they just dropped about $30.00, so ordered a pair of Lynx, a model between the Alize and the Sirius and payed only $107.43 plus about $25.00 in shipping and insurance. Hope they come through okay!!!

If you are looking for Carnac's this may be your place to order. I will post again when I get them and let you know if there were hidden costs and how long it took to get them.

re: Update!!! Great Carnac Shoe prices!Raywood
Jun 7, 2001 8:05 PM
Got the shoes today. Not bad, came in 9 days after ordering. I didn't mention before that the site only carries whole sizes, didn't matter to much because I got a 44 and they fit my 10 1/2 feet well. The Lynx model (I don't think this model is imported to the US) has no laces, it has an elastic foot sock with three straps. This new model has no inserts for the cleats, they now come with a fixed dual slot to fit most SPD's. I did have to trim the lugs to clear my Speedplay Frog cleats, this is pretty normal though. Also, with my old Carnac's (Cypress) the cleats sit in the shoe about flush with the lugs and caused me to slide on hard floors, the new shoes let the cleat sit deeper. Overall, I have been impressed with my first experience of ordering from overseas and I saved a lot of money. Now to get out and put some miles on them.