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Why road isnt as popular as MTB(4 posts)

Why road isnt as popular as MTBSugarman
May 28, 2001 10:05 PM
As a poor boy trying to start racing, I think I might have the answer, plus a bit of a rant...

my reasoning:
A decent mountain bike which one could race can be found for 750$ (canadian), or, you can get a pretty sick used or demo one for less than that.

whereas for a road bike with the bare minumum requirements for racing (brakelever shifters and solid wheels)...the lowest that I've seen was a worn out and beat up steel eddie mercx from the 80s for 1000$+tax...(I mightve bought it...if it had fit)

I ride a bike thats too small, with downtube 7-speed...people practically laugh at me at races...and it has biopace, thats how old it is...but I just cant afford anything better.

re: Why road isnt as popular as MTBby666
May 30, 2001 12:11 PM
alot of roadies are snobs but not everyone. you can get a very good used bike for $1000 you just need to look around. you should be able to get a full ultegra 8 and maybe if you luck out a 9 speed sti bike with mavic wheels for 500 or 600 it wont be ti or super light steel but it should be a good quality bike. i just sold a 5 year old ture temper steel bike with 8 sp ultegra and mavic open pros for $350.
re: Why road isnt as popular as MTBT F
May 31, 2001 10:52 PM
I disagree. The causal relationship is actually reverse. Because MTBs are more popular, a lot of companies, especially many Chinese manufacturers rush to make MTB stuff which help bring prices down. Look at those nashbar, Wellgo, VP pedals, which are $20-40. Road stuff are still made by a narrow number of manufacturers, mostly in Europe.

My non cycling friends mostly feel road bikes are uncomfortable and require bending over too much, while MTBs are perfectly OK also for leisure street rides besides off road use. Also there is the Macho factor, just like that of SUVs.
re: Why road isnt as popular as MTBtigercoach
Jun 4, 2001 6:59 AM
I'd have to agree. Mountain bikes are so numerous these days, simple economics drives down and demand. Walk into any department store and what kinds of bikes do you see? Yup, mountain bikes. I remember growing up department stores sold 10 speeds, but not anymore. I wouldn't advocate anyone buying a bike from a department store, but that's where most people buy their bikes these days and the average Joe never sets foot in a bike shop. So, when they go to Wal Mart and see only mountain bikes, that's the only type of bike they think there is anymore and they stick with that type. I know I used to be that way until I got into road biking a couple of years ago.

I also agree that many people feel that road bikes are uncomfortable with their bending over and small seats, and for casual and family rides people prefer sitting upright. Plus, I think a lot of people like mountain bikes because of what they see on TV and in advertisements. It's the "Gen-X" thing.