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I just got my Campy wheelset yesterday and...(1 post)

I just got my Campy wheelset yesterday and...Alpine
May 26, 2001 11:38 PM was I treated right! Last report, I had decided to spend my cash in the US on a pair of lightweight Campy wheels but didn't like the story Colorado Cyclist was giving me and many of the other old standby mail order sources were out of stock.
Here is what happened later that same night; I placed a call to Chicagoland Cycle ( after seeing that their web site says they have *every* Campy wheelset in stock. Indeed they did and not only that they were $20 cheaper than CC and they'd send them out the very next day. I ordered a pair of Nucleons and had them go second day air. I received my totally cool wheelset yesterday as scheduled. To take the totally cool thing one step further I was rightly impressed to find that the folks had thrown in a free pair of Michelin Axial Pro Carbon tires. This was something they didn't mention to me so I though it might be a mistake but a look at the invoice confirmed that they were indeed intentionally thrown in and free.
My first dealings with Chicagoland and it was a five star experience for sure!