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CO2 Tire inflatorspilotpat
May 23, 2001 10:40 AM
I just came back from the LBS with a few purchases, but one thing I refuse to buy is CO2 carts. I usually use the 12g unthreaded cartridges (enough to run a 700 x 23 to well above 120psi), and the LBS sells them for $1.39 plus tax. Can find them a bit cheaper through the catalogs, but then you have to pay shipping (by ground - hazardous material and all that). Even with Kevlar belted tires, I go through a bunch on the glass-infested roads around here.

So I got thinking - the cartridges look alot like the ones we used to use in BB guns. Went to Wal-Mart, and sure enough, a box of 25 12g Crossman Powerlets sells for about $12. Same shape, same pressure, same effectiveness for less than 50% of the price. I'll run it by the LBS owner and see if he will start carrying them, but in the meantime Sam Walton's store will get a few of my biking bucks every now and again.