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Apr 24, 2001 9:30 PM
Where can I get a pair of reliable SPD pedals with dual side entry for fourty dollars or less?
Also I need a pair of shoes for the same price or less?
Somewhere in the US so I can get them in the next week

$19 Wellgo's at Jenson USAOnrhodes
Apr 25, 2001 8:17 AM
jenson USA
Try them
what about Time ATAC's? or Look's?nuke
Apr 25, 2001 10:26 AM
I need some cheap Time ATAC pedals and also a set of Look pedals for my less-often-used bikes. Anyone seen any cool deals?

I just saw that the yellow color version of Time ATAC aluminum's have been price dropped to about $59 on supergo. And I checked Ebay and got me a set for $50. Now I need a second set for my other bike so I don't have to have 3 pairs of shoes. Thanks!