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Price for Mavic Cosmic Carbone???(2 posts)

Price for Mavic Cosmic Carbone???Quaz
Apr 9, 2001 4:29 PM
Hello. My brother was an avid bike racer, but he recently moved to South America to do missionary work. He took some stuff with him, but the rest of his bike gear was inherited by me. I don't ride, so I don't have a very good idea what this stuff is worth. I sold most of the stuff on e-bay, but I still have a wheel left. I did some research online to what exactly it is, but i still don't know what a fair price to ask for it is. It's a New Mavic Cosmic Carbone rear wheel. It is a tubular(glue on?)rim that is campagnola 8 speed compatible, but someone told me that you can use 9 gears on it with a kit from mavic. It has a quick release. It has never been ridden before, and no gears or tire has ever been glued on it. One person said that $400 dollars is what I should ask for it, but somebody told me that people are using 10 gears now so $300 would be more resonable. I was just hopeing somebody could tell me anything else I should know and also what price I should ask. Also if you know of anyone that might need it, that would be helpful too :) I'd be willing to sell it for less than what they said because I have no use for it. Thanks.
re: Price for Mavic Cosmic Carbone???Three Fire
Apr 11, 2001 7:13 AM
You said it's rear tubular wheel? NO ONE will buy it for $400 even if it is 9 or 10 speed compatible. Try $300 first. This is a trick wheel but one wheel is always harder to sell. SOrt of like selling one shoe, especially if you need to glue your socks on before wearing it. Pros aren't bothered if their wheels don't match, but they don't BUY stuff.