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Romeo Bicycle ShopKenny
Mar 9, 2001 9:52 AM
Does anyone have actual experience purchasing a complete bike from Romeo Bicycle Shop (Rome, Italy).

I am thinking of puchasing either a Pinarello Galileo or Colnago VIP.

When I inquired about purchasing either of these bikes from Romeo, I refered to pictures of the Pinarello and the Colnogo as posted on their respective Italian web-sites and asked if they (Romeo) could provide me with either of these bikes exactly as shown. For example, the Colnago as shown on their web-site has a Colnago embosed ITM Millinium stem, a Colnago embosed ITM aluminum seat post, Colnago Hoskar saddle, a Colnaoge Ahead-set, Colnago rims, Look 236 pedals, and Flash fork, with the bike painted in Rabobank colors.

When Romeo e-mailed me back, they informing me that they can provide either of the above referenced bikes -- exactly as shown on the manufactures' web-sites.

By question is: If you have purchased a bike from Romeo do they really follow through with the delivery of a bike as specified by the buyer and how was the quality of the bike when received (i.e., How well is the assembly, wheel build qualtiy, etc.)

Also, how long did it take to receive the bike after your order was received by Romeo?

Thanks for the help.
re: Romeo Bicycle ShopPaolo
Mar 12, 2001 7:06 AM
I replied to you on the general forum -- look there
re: Romeo Bicycle Shopthom
Mar 12, 2001 10:15 AM
I replied in general section also
re: Romeo Bicycle ShopNate
Mar 13, 2001 8:26 PM
My buddy recently bought a Pinarello Opera with full Campy Chorus and Nucleons from Allessandro (Romeo Bicycle Shop), got a great deal (~$2700) for the whole thing, and Alessandro threw in all kinds of extra goodies to make it worthwhile. I've corresponded with Alessandro about items he has for sale, but cash has been thin, so no purchases. My friend however, is completely satisfied with what was shipped. I believe the bike was shipped/received in a period of 3 weeks once the order was placed, and that was with a short waiting period from Pinarello for the frame in the color he was looking for. Bottom line - a great deal with a very personable, long-distance retailer...and who can dispute how strong the U.S. dollar is compared to the Euro!'s a buyer's market for U.S. consumers over there.

E-mail me and I'll give you the e-mail address for my buddy if you'd like...I'm sure he'd be happy to answer any questions you have, specifically.