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new zealand(4 posts)

new zealandmmwood
Feb 7, 2004 8:20 AM
I have a guy e-mailing me saying that he wants to buy my bike with a cashiers check. I seems very anxious about the purchase. He says he is from new zealand. Does this sound like a scam?
re: smells funnytacoma401
Feb 7, 2004 8:45 AM
It's smells really bad. I see too many people desperate to sell their Items that they choose to take a chance and they end up following the orders that are given to them by these con artists. Simply tell him, you won't send the bicycle until you have contacted the bank or the place of purchase of his cashier's check to confirm that it is legit. Usually they don't respond. They'll just move on to the next sucker who will fall for it. So if he doesn't respond...there's your answer. You can also ask him questions like "what size frame do you want to ride., What category do you ride in ,if any". Specific cycling questions is what I am getting at. good luck!
NO, screw the guy!!!Dave_Stohler
Feb 7, 2004 8:58 PM
Play along-he'll have to spend $50-60 for the international overnight FedEx envelope. Take it to the bank, and give it 3 weeks to clear fully. Tell the guy when you get the check that the bank wants 21 days to clear. If he's legit, he'll wait. If he's a crook, you just cost him a bundle. If enough people do this, people will stop doing these scams!
NO, screw the guy!!!tacoma401
Feb 9, 2004 9:59 AM
Good idea, I guess if you have the time and nothing else to do.