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Luke Roberts or Daimeon Shanks ( posts)

Luke Roberts or Daimeon Shanks (
Feb 6, 2004 5:15 PM
Any body have any experiance with these traders? Luke Roberts was the name on the post and Daimeon Shanks was the name on the e-mail. As of right now I think they are a scam. I have been trying to buy the "2003 Spinergy Xyclone Wheelset" and I am not getting any return emails. I sent a check, I think im screwed.
re: Luke Roberts or Daimeon Shanks (
Feb 9, 2004 10:46 AM
Computer/e-mail is not funtioning right now 'cause of a virus that is killing my hard drive. Your wheels came back to me 'cause I put the wrong address on them and I had no way to get back in touch with you. I used the address from your letter and put them back in the mail today and paid second day air for 'em... they'll be there Wed. Tracking number is 0303 0130 0001 7200 6385 from the USPS. Sorry for the confusion and tardiness, cheers,