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Does this sound like a fraud to you(2 posts)

Does this sound like a fraud to youcyclinseth
Feb 5, 2004 6:22 AM
I am selling a computer on ebay with a hidden reserve of 1325. I get an email (in broken english) asking what the reserve is. the person also asks how he can pay me and where he can pick it up from. I listed the auction from New York City (where I am).

That sent up the warning lights.

So I emailed him back with the reserve and told him that he would have to win the auction if he wanted to pick up the item.

Warning signals still going off.

So the person gets into a bidding war on ebay over my computer, with another guy who has a rather good rating and I have seen him bidding on other similar items as well. But the original guy has a zero rating. They wind up well over my reserve. $1525 when its all done and it's Mr. Zero Rating. He then emails me and asks me for my paypal account, my telephone number and address where his friend can pick it up from.

He is going thru Paypal though. Is there anything to worry about if the payment goes thru paypal?

What do you think?
re: Does this sound like a fraud to youtacoma401
Feb 6, 2004 1:49 PM
That's a difficult one to figure out with what you have so far. If it's a fraud, it's a new one. I would ask for his phone number and speak to him personally and get as much info as possible. If he is hesitant about giving info or jagged with his answers or calls you by phone relay it's a fraud.