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Ebay Blur Posting in several countries Fraud(1 post)

Ebay Blur Posting in several countries Fraudmarc_knittel
Jan 30, 2004 9:59 AM
I was looking for a Blur on the Ebay page in the UK and found one for $ 1100, which seemed great to me. I wrote that person and he claims to be out of France, his name is JIMY SANTEGA. He wants the money transferred via Western Union. I told him only PayPal is an option for me. I asked him questions in French which he does not answer.
Then the next day I see the exact same ad on the German Ebay site, again in English, which makes no sense. This time a different email address is given. I wrote this guy with my wife's email address in German, he hasnt replied yet. When I tracked his record I found out the most expensive thing he had sold was for 4.99.
The next day I receive an answer from Jimy, he says check our website out we are a bikeshop on the island of Corsica, south of France. When I checked their phone number in the white pages in France their was neither a bike shop in Corsica nor a Jimy Santega in Angers. Now Jimy suggested this morning to transfer the money via , another website that rips people off. I found this out after doing some inquiry on the web.
Does anybody know what I can do to really get this guy?
Has anyone ever heard of him, or even invested money in one of his bikes?