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Intl payment over the asking price-Wire extra $ back???(7 posts)

Intl payment over the asking price-Wire extra $ back???Challiott
Jan 24, 2004 6:41 AM
Does this look familiar to anyone? Thanks for your quick respond, well i am okay with the price and will want payment to be asap, i will arrange payment by instructing my client in the states to issue you a gauranteed bank check/casheir's check of $7500 and this should take care of all expences in this transaction, what you're to do,once you have recieved your payment,is to cash it,then deduct your own money($2445) and any other necessary charges and wire the balance to my international shipping agent via wetern union money transfer, once he recieves the balance will come over to your location the very next day for pick up, now the money wired to the shipper is his fees for his services, transportation to your location and back to me, also for all charges that may arise along this transaction cos i will want the bike to be delivered to me safe and sound without problems, i shall forward my shipper address as soon as i contact him, all i need of you now is to mail me your full name and contact address as well as phone number so that i can forward it for payment to get to you ASAP,let me know if you are ok with this, so we could seal this transaction on time.
Jan 24, 2004 10:53 AM
The cashiers check they send you will be counterfeit. It will take several weeks before this check gets back the the "issuing bank". In the meantime, you will have sent the 'scammer' the 'balance' via an untraceable Western Union money transfer. Then your bank, once it is notified that the cashiers check is no good, will demand/sieze the $7500.00 from your account. Now, you are out the balance you sent to the 'international shipping agent' AND the $7500.00 from the bad check.

This is a classic scam and has stung many people. Think about it, would you send someone $7500.00 for a $2445.00 item and trust them to send you the 'balance'? No? Good!

And the beat goes onred_ellsworth
Jan 24, 2004 2:45 PM
As I have said before, I follow Ellsworth on ebay and the Andora posts continue. Same old stuff, private bids and off line sales. Yet people still must bid on them, and I see the bids (not the ones for $15K-I am old but not quite that senile). I got another letter purporting to be ebay where someone tried to access my account. I sent it to ebay and of course it was a fraud trying to gain access to my accounts. We were out to dinner with friends last weekend and one of the people had filled out the fraudulent ebay request and her checking account was cleaned out in a heartbeat-$3K. She has some recourse but it takes time. Be aware. I may hike with the NJ penguins, sure is cold here.

re: Intl payment over the asking price-Wire extra $ back???Challiott
Jan 24, 2004 6:48 PM
This is a reply to my own post. Several emails and a Relay Service phone call later, I still could not get a legitimate answer. Red flags went up immediately for me, so I have only lost a little time at this point. Anyone who is trying to buy a $2500 product that includes a $5000 commission payment to a shipping agent cannot be legit. When I told the caller that I would only accept a certified cashiers check for the amount of the product, the caller hung up. For others protection these are the key words I was told. WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER, INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AGENT, AGENT WILL PICK UP THE PRODUCT VERY NEXT DAY, WIRE THE BALANCE TO THE SHIPPING AGENT, ETC. I have done many international transactions and legitimate buyers have easy access to PayPal and official cashiers checks, no wire transfers ever need to be done. It gives them too much access to your bank account. I did not get to the point of knowing whether this guy was legit or not, but his unwillingness to verify his authenticity stopped the transaction for me. I was selling a Ti mtn bike and he did not have one single question about the bike itself. A true buyer will ask specific questions. BE CAREFUL!
Just wondering:Dave_Stohler
Jan 24, 2004 6:52 PM
Where do all those $2k bikes that get shipped to Nigeria end up? Are street vendors in Lagos riding around in full-postal kit treks with the bars turned up and BMX pedals attached? Lightspeeds pulling wagons, being ridden by some guy in shower sandals? Roast pigs tied to the aerobars of an IF bike? Hmm....
Just wondering a little morered_ellsworth
Jan 25, 2004 5:19 AM
Even better, I spoke to Tony E as to whether he had a shop selling 100s of bikes in Andora. Tony knows marketing-he was not sure where Andora was but knew he did not sell to a shop there, especially one that professes to have 100s of bikes in stock.

Dave, I think your observations are correct. Litespeeds with baskets front and rear, interesting sight. This is not meant to put town a 3rd world country but their needs are a little more acute than Ti bikes. Moreover, some of the letters deal in sums of money that exceed the national budget.

As I once said, I got stung on a shipment to Indonesia. Things have gotten really crazy with MC/Visa. When I sold the Colnago to Indonesia the CC machine did not ask for an address verification. My bad for not calling the bank and it cost me. I don't work for a shop anymore but do work where MC/Visa are routinely taken. The machine requires an address and zipcode verification if the order is taken over the phone. You also must have an authorization on file to charge the account. Otherwise people decide they don't want to pay and the CC company just charges you back since you have no authorization.

Lastly, The debit cards that people use that can be used as a Visa are a nightmare since they have direct access to your checking account. My beautiful wife left her wallet in the truck while we took a two hour MB ride at Allamuchy (NJ). Someone saw it, broke into the truck ($200 to fix the lock). During that time our checking account was cleaned out by people using the card as a Visa, plus about $2500 had been charged on American Express. We got the money back on the bank account but it took 6 weeks. Obviously the moral to the story for the seller is to ask for a second ID. For us, we no longer have debit cards and just use a regular ATM card. Our wallets go with us when we ride.

It is a sign of the times. We grow careless and greedy, and it makes us an easy mark for scams, etc. And yet, in spite of the 1000s of posts about scams everywhere, people still get sucked in.

It is really cold today. Our Jeep dropped a cell in the battery. Fortunately it happened in the driveway so I am off to get a new battery.

Bruce OF MR. JONES!Challiott
Jan 25, 2004 8:21 AM
I wanted to give emiola jones the benefit of the doubt, but it's not worth the chance. I wanted sellers to know this possible scammer. Here is a copy of his last begging email. "Thanks for the information but i will like to inform you that my creditor said he can only wire the total funds oweing me to you ,please this is just a favour and i will conpensate you with $100 if you can do this for me. Regards."