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Bad Deal(2 posts)

Bad Dealdnjbradley
Dec 31, 2003 5:09 PM
I have had such fantastic luck purchasing and selling stuff here and on ebay, but the other day I finally got dinged!

I saw the ad and as all of us do when we see a wicked deal i got excited. Bontrager Race X-Lite Disc Tubless for $300 plus shipping. I looked at the pictures and the details and these were pristine condition!

When I got the wheels two weeks later (a bit long)I was crushed to see that the wheels were not the X-Lites, but the race lite and the wheels where crap. The rear one cannot be fixed and has to be rebuilt if I want to keep them.

The villian Nate "Ha Ha gotcha" Martin. Curses to your rides and everybody be weary of his deals!

Everyone keep on being truthful and keep the good dealings rolling!
re: Bad Dealred_ellsworth
Jan 1, 2004 5:22 AM
If you facts are right it sounds like you could pursue mail fraud. Have an off topic fraud story. My son bought an expensive digital camera from Best Buys. The package was sealed. He and his wife opened it and it contained a 4 year old used digital camera. Obviously someone used the shrinkwrap machine. Best Buys will not take it back, claims it is Sony's problem and Sony claims it is Best Buys. They are pursuing remedies but the operative word is to make them open the package before you take it out of the store. Happy New year to all,