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use caution for "USPS Trek OCLV 5900" at bicycle-classifieds(1 post)

use caution for "USPS Trek OCLV 5900" at bicycle-classifiedsko50
Dec 19, 2003 7:22 AM
If anyone is looking at the "USPS Trek OCLV 5900" at bicycle-classifieds dated around 11/15/03:
exercise some caution.

The same *exact* item description and picture was posted at quite a while ago.

This older totalbike ad *was* legitimate. I contacted the original seller from this totalbike ad, and he responded to me saying that he sold the bike long ago, and he didn't know anything about this new ad. I really don't want anything bad associated with the original seller since he was nothing but helpful, so please NOTE THAT THE ORIGINAL SELLER AT TOTALBIKE.COM IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE SUSPECT AD.

The other thing to note is that in the suspect ad at bicycle-classifieds, the description says the bike will be packed and shipped from Boulder, but the seller is listed as being in LA.

None of this is conclusive that the new ad is a scam, but warrants using caution, or at the very least questioning why
if the bike is being resold, why the description including mileage hasn't changed.