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Good deal gone bad.(1 post)

Good deal gone bad.oldbutslow
Nov 25, 2003 3:31 PM
I recently purchased a used Campy Chorus Group from one of the RBR Posters. It was advertised as used for less than 1,000 miles buffed frequently with a diaper. After emails with said individual, we agreed on a fair price and a money order was sent for full value including shipping.

The parts were sent promptly and very well packed. In anticipation of installing the new group I had already stripped my Serotta of the old ShimaNO 600. I unpacked the parts and commenced with an inventory and inspection of the parts. To my surprise, the seller had included cable housings and cables. Very nice. However, to my consternation, I found the following:

1. Cranks lightly scratched in many places
2. Cassette filthy with grease and grime.
3. Down tube cable stops missing attaching bolt
4. Both rims were dirty with road grime.

None of the above is a big deal. But, the rear Open Pro Rim was volcanoed and cracked around 5 of the drive side spokes. I am not talking slightly either. The wheel actually rattled when you picked it up.

Well, being in a hurry to my bike back together, I dropped off the wheel for re-lacing at the local LBS that day. I also upgraded to the Open Pro CD. I contacted the seller and sent him pictures of the many cracks and loose spoke eyelets and asked him if he would at least split the cost of the re-lacing and the new rim, I quoted a price for a regular Open Pro rim from Colorado Cyclist. I believe his cost would have been approx. $70.

The seller contacted me and said if I would ship the wheel to GVH Bikes at my expense, they would sell him a rim at wholesale and I could have my wheel in about a week. I explained to the seller that not only is it too late for that transaction, why in the world would I have to pay shipping???

After many emails, some rude, many unanswered, the final email from the seller was I will send you a check for $30. I said OK, whatever. Well, he never even sent me the measly $30.