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Latest Scammersmjbyl
Nov 17, 2003 8:39 AM
Below are posted some of the obviously fraudulent responses I recently got when I placed an ad selling a Campy Bora Wheelset. I edited some of them down for length. I figure it can't hurt to publicise these idiots:
Subject: am intrested
Good day sir,
My name is Frank Anthony the marketing manger for COMPUCOM TECH LIMITED i am intrested in placing oder on your product Campagnolo Bora G3 Wheelset.i want to know the price and the shipping price to lagos nigeria.
emmanuel fredrick
Subject: 2003 Campagnolo Bora G3 Wheelset
> > > > hello, i am EMMANUEL FREDRICK from nova scotia in canada.i will
like to know >if
> > > > > >you still have that your 2003 Campagnolo Bora G3 Wheelset for
> > >Sale.i will like to
> > > >know
> > > > > >the asking
> > > > > price
> > > > > >and if you are going to accept a cashier's check for the payment
> > > >money
> > > > > >order.if yes,i will want you to give me the name and the address
> >the
> > > > > check
> > > > > >will be sent to.please i won't mind if you can just provide me
its picture if available.please let me know its condition and all necessary
> >thing
> >i
> > > > > >need to know about it.if you are interested in selling it for
> >will
> > > > > >want you to get back to me soon as possible.
> > > > > regards...
From: bruce thomas
Subject: FS: 2003 Campagnolo Bora G3 Wheelset

Hello ,
My names is Bruce Thomas, i am an trader in europe ...i want to purchase your FS: 2003 Campagnolo Bora G3 Wheelset ,really i have seen all it's detail and condition on the adverts . and i want to know the cost price so that we can proceed to payment,however i will want to know if you can accept a cashier cheque drawn from a UK bank .i hope t o hear from you soon

fred smith
Subject: FS: 2003 Campagnolo Bora G3 Wheelset

Hello,I saw your ad over the internet and would want to kow if your 2003 Campagnolo Bora G3 Wheelset is still for sale.If yes then send me the price and the pics.Kindly send me your full name and address so that i will forward them to my client to send you a payment check for the purchase.
I will also need your phone numbers as i will arrange for the shipping and would want my international shipping agent to contact you for the pick up.
Timmy Roland
Huobweg 25, CH-6305 Cham,
Subject: Campagnolo Bora G3 Wheelset
I am Stephanie from united kingdom,I am interested in your ( Campagnolo Bora
G3 Wheelset ) can i
have a pic of it.If available pls give me your last offer for the (
Campagnolo Bora G3 Wheelset )
so that my shipper will take care of the shippment of the ( Campagnolo Bora
G3 Wheelset) which will
be shipped to UK.Hope to here from u. have a nice day.
john baldwin
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Subject: 2003 Campagnolo Bora G3 Wheelset

Hello, i was surfing the web when i came across your
E-mail address and the ( 2003 Campagnolo Bora
G3Wheelset )you place on the web for sale,it's been
six ten now that i had been showing interest in it and
all my effort had been fruitless. But i was determine
to get result today and i got it. But i want to ask
this question,are you the owner?, do you have the
pics?,is it in good condition?,can you tell me more
about it ?and above all how much is the last price you
will be willing to sell it for me? I will be glad if
you reply to me soon as possble, for us to talk more