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Nov 3, 2003 12:59 PM
Hi all, attached is the latest email sent to me by "Cole" supposedly from the Netherlands who wanted to purchase my Serotta road bike for his cousin in Germany. Riiight... Anyway, he didn't mention anything about funds right away but I got suspicious when he said his "dad" shipper would take care of shipping but was real vague on the details when I asked and used the phase, "do you understand me now", which I noticed was the same on someone elses scam notice. Anyway, he finally showed his true colors in the latest email where I'm to cash the check and send him the difference through Western Union. This guys are a joke if they think they can pull that lame scam on this website. They should at least try and get their stories consistant. It's interesting that it happened to me, I'm glad I didn't take my ad off so if anyone is still interested in a sweet Serotta Ti frame...! I hope these bastards give up and move on!

Also, I'm suppose to receive the check sometime in the next couple of days. Should I bring it some legal authority's attention (the post office maybe?)or just keep it for a souviner?

Be vigilante all!


Hello Ronnie,
You should expect payment on or before wednesday!! i spoke with the finance manager of the shipping company and he said they will prefer the funds to be sent via western union to their headquater in africa..However,once you receive the check will want you to cash it at a cheque cashing store and forward the difference to their accountant's attention,his information are has follows:


Address---30 kowode avenue,ikeja, lagos,nigeria.23401

You can deduct the cashing fees and transfer charges from my balance,and once the transfer as been made will need the transfer details such as the control number(MTCN)with the sender's details so i can forward it to the shipping company to pick up the funds.
I look forward to a sucessful business.Thanks


N.B>>>>.You can easily make the transfer at this location near your place,