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WHATS GOING ON TODAY?!?!?!(4 posts)

WHATS GOING ON TODAY?!?!?!fishhead90
Oct 31, 2003 5:21 PM
What has happened to MTBR? I remember when I could use this site in complete confidence of the provider and users involved. I remember a time when people spent more time buying, selling and riding than trying to rip each other off. I remember when you could sell a bike with out getting a bunch of fake checks first in hope for that one buyer that is willing to pay a real dollar for a good product. I remember a time when you could tell another user your address and phone number and not worry about what they might do with it. I remember when a bike sale was not just a transaction between two individuals, but an extension from one person to another helping each other, have a laugh or two, and possibly making new friends with the benefit of a few bucks. Now all you can think about is how bad the person at the other end of your e-mails is trying to screw you over. But the worst thing of all, I remember a time not too long ago when MTBR was a community of people who loved to ride, not stupid f#*kin 48 year old internet buffs that do nothing but sit in the basement of their parents house trying to make a quick buck. For gods sake I can't even turn on my damn computer with it being bombarded by Trojan horses, viruses and what ever the hell they can come up with.

Where have all the riders gone. Where have all the people that want legitimate business gone. Any one that has used this site for the past couple of years knows for a fact that buying/selling a bike or part was almost fun. Not sticking you neck out waiting for some guy to milk you for all your worth.

My name is JP, I just turned 18. I have been trying to sell my balfa minute man for the past month now and all I have gotten was bull s#!t e-mails, scammers and fake checks from chumps like or globeauto_rider dot whatever. I may not be very old or wise beyond my years, but I know one thing for sure, that I am discussed and fed up with punks like these destroying a potentially good experience. For all you lagit sellers and buyers, more power to you, and for all you jerk offs out there trying to kill off any rare species of honesty . . . . . F%@K YOU!!!

Today, Friday October 31 2003, I am still trying to sell my limited edition Balfa minute man with no luck yet, but I will still keep trying, because I know that somewhere out there, someone is willing to buy it. So if any of you lagit buyers are interested then check it out . . . I think it's a really cool ride.

I once heard the saying "No one person can do everything, but every one can do something" and I do my best to live by that.

This is my something, and I encourage all you to do the same.

If any of you out there feel the same, please leave me a response on what you think and if you have been screwed over yourself.

Signs of the timesred_ellsworth
Nov 3, 2003 4:43 AM
I have commented before on the lack of good traders and the lack of trust. There have been really good traders on this sight for many years who no longer sell here because of personality issues, racism, etc. and all around bad karma. They still sell, are great to deal with, just not on this site anymore.

It has become very difficult for new ones to take their places simply because of the things you talk about plus the trend that LBS' are being squeezed by mail order and a declining market and seem at a loss to understand their own customers.

I went into a shop that I have purchased from for many years and spoke to the new owner (about a year)about cutting me a break on parts. The old management would work with me since I would spend enough money to get a 2% rebate every year that would be over $100. You math guys can figure it out. Those that know me also know that Lois and I ride alot and equipment wears out, clothes wear out, glasses break, tires, wheels, etc. Big bucks.

I am building two bikes for Urban Assault. Since I will be 62 in December it will limit the number of urbans we assault but still fun is fun. I went to the shop and asked him to cut me slack and I would buy the builds from him. NOT INTERESTED.

I did not ask him to match Jenson or PricePoint, just to do better. He would rather sell a $300 bike with lifetime service than $2000 in parts with no follow up. Oh well.

I think the person with the Trek derailleur problem (posted below)is a good case in point.

Now that you might have read this verbal dysentary from and "old guy" what is the solution? Well I actually have one. There are very few good trades posted on this site. Post the results of your deal. For example, you bought a bike from Red Ellsworth (me), state the price, condition, delivery, & how you paid. No comments on trust or if I am/or not a great guy. As Joe Friday would say "Just the facts".

In past years people like myself, Larson, Klassen, CarbonLord, Fox, etc. had a ton of posts which you could check and help you make your own decision.

Even posting bad deals with just the facts really helps rather than calling someone a few well chosen names even though it is probably deserved.

JP, I hope Lois and I live longer and are still riding Moab every year with Dreamride even though Lee has to find trails that are wheelchair accessible.

Keep the shiny side up.

I have had good luck selling lately- use Google to checkCoolhand
Nov 6, 2003 7:00 AM
I sold my Racer-X and a set of King hubs here at the classifieds with minimal crap. A couple of obvious scam attempts with the cashier check switcheroo with the bike. But if you have spent 30 minutes here in this forum those things are obvious.

Both Buyers were great to deal with. I set fair prices on my stuff and had lots of interested buyers. I just deleted the 2-3 scammers, low-ball bidders and googled the serious bidders. Its easy to verify who you are dealing with. In fact, in both cases I took a little less to deal with someone who I was comfortable with.

Ebay is a thieves den though- I wouldn't bother dealing with that overpriced fraud-o-thon until Ebay stops covering up all of the problems and actually addresses the fraud problems there.

JP, if you are having problems selling your price may be too high.

" not stupid f#*kin 48 year old internet buffs "treebound
Nov 6, 2003 9:18 AM
Overgeneralizations lead to no solution. I know of more 18yo hackers and crackers and quackers spamming and bombing and sending virii than I do of 48yo's doing it.

Without specifics and real numbers there is no way to digest what you are saying or know what you are going through. Sorry if some other 48yo has attempted to scam or defraud you, but not all 48yo's live in their parents basements. I will go so far as to presume that there are more 18yo's living in their parent's basements that there are 48yo's living in a similar situation.

Ignore the chaf, SPAM is here for awhile, as fraud has always been here. The more mainstream a site becomes the more the vermin of the world will appear. Let the buyer and the seller beware. Turn any legal matters over to the proper authorities and let them deal with it. If someone mails you a bogus check then that comes into the realm of mail fraud, and if they are out of your state then it gets into interstate fraud real fast. And if you have any actual evidence that a person who is trying to take advantage of you is doing so as a business then I can pretty much guarantee there will be some local or state or federal agent who will be very interested to receive your information. Dump the attitude, collect the facts, pass it all onto the proper authorities (including this site's administrators who also have options that they can and do use), and then get on with life. As the saying goes (the old saying) "Don't let the bas-t-ards get you down".

Carry on.
From a 48yo in my own place, not my parent's place, and the only things I do in the basement are laundry, lift weights, and work on my bikes.