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Early 04 Trek bikes--buyer beware(3 posts)

Early 04 Trek bikes--buyer bewareMilliet
Oct 31, 2003 8:25 AM
I bought a new 04 model Trek 1200 from my LBS. I did my homework and new the difference between an 03 and 04 for this bike. One difference is the rear derailleur. The 03 is full tiagra. The 04 is "supposed" to come with a 105 rear.

My 04 bike came with a tiagra rear. I quizzed the LBS about it and they said this was an "early" bike and that sometimes early bikes will have out of spec stuff on it. Not satisfied, I called Trek and was given the runaround. Basically told me the spec sheet and web site was WRONG that the actual spec was a tiagra rear. Still not happy, I pushed it up the line until they broke and shipped a 105 rear to my LBS. The owner of the LBS was a bit indignant about it and acted as if Trek was doing me a huge favor and just giving me a FREE 105 rear.

Here is the kicker: By the time I got around to taking my bike in for the new part, the LBS had more 1200s on the floor. Guess what, these bikes had 105 rear-Ds. The web site and dealer spec sheets/brochure still say 105.

Basically, trek was just trying to get rid of some left over 03 components on their 04 bikes.
"Specs subject to change without notice"biknben
Nov 12, 2003 1:40 PM
What you experienced is not uncommon. It's certainly not just Trek. On most spec sheets they put a disclaimer. It's unfortunate it happened to you and I'm glad to see you got what you expected in the end.
that is just my point--the "spec" did NOT changeMilliet
Nov 18, 2003 11:17 AM
If they would have changed the spec, that is one thing. That is not what happened. The spec stayed the same everywhere you looked. Once they got rid of the older parts, then production matched marketing.

Bad business I say.