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Anyone else have creative replies to send to scammers(3 posts)

Anyone else have creative replies to send to scammersZooman
Oct 28, 2003 7:19 PM
Dear MR. Scott from Switzerland,

I have someone in london who knows someone in switzerland who might know someone that is also interested in my bike he has offered me a lot of information about nothing and i have decided to accept his offer for my bike from my friend in Asia who knows a confidant in Venezuela that speaks japanese.


The Guy who knows the girl from Ipanema or the czech republic.
re: Anyone else have creative replies to send to scammerstreebound
Nov 6, 2003 10:43 AM
Copied from another post to get an address:
Here is my address:
First name: ANTONIO
Last name: CARVHALO
Zip/Code: E11 6PU
Country: United Kingdom

A possible reply:

Dear Antonio,
I work in the customer service department of a local ISP and have a valid email address and full secure coorespondence tracking to verify transmission and receipt of communications so Western Union will not be required in this transaction. I also have a sister who works for the state department and spends part of each week at 102 Cheneys Road just across the street from the address you've given. My sister will be there at your location tomorrow to look over the bike/article in question and if it meets her approval she will make payment to you then.
And due to the high incidence rates of internet fraud in the mean time I have initiated a back-trace of your email to the originating socket site and account you've used to send this coorespondence, you are free to perform the same back-trace on me to verify my address viability.
If all is as said and legitimate then all will go well, if not then not.
Looking foreward to riding the bike and hopefully it's been a pleasure doing business with you. I've called my brother at Scotland Yard and he is as excited as I am about this purchase. Take care, see you soon (and probably by the time you read this).

A cycling friend.
This same clown tried to hook me too!mtbmon
Nov 13, 2003 8:20 AM
nice reply! I think mine was a little more subtle. I strung him along for about a week then finally said I was going to have someone pick it up and pay cash and that I'd worry about getting backto the states -that wa the last I heard from him. He had stolen the name magickings from Ebay btw, a seller located in KS.