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another scam, same format: posts)

another scam, same format: charlesautoltd@yahoo.comJustinTime
Oct 20, 2003 8:56 PM
Evidently, another fraudulent buyer... Heard nothing when I responded saying I accept paypal or cold cash in an envelope. These guys aren't too savvy, eh? Here's the pitch I received:

Thanks Justin Sapp for your prompt response and i shall be interested in purchasing the bike which you said is just like new one that is interesting,The offer is accepeted by me and i shall be taking it at that Price.
I have contacted my client in US who owes me a sum of $6,000 ,and he has agreed to make out a certified cashier,s Cheque payable to you on my behalf for the purchase.
Having it in mind that business is based on trust,i would like you to receive the it and wire the excess funds after removing the payment for the bike .Then i would like you to wire the remaining funds via Money Gram or Western Union to me so that i would arrange for the shipment and other necessary documents arrangements in my location.
If you agree with these terms mail me back so that i will forward your name and address so that payment will be issued out to you on my behalf as soon as possible
Expecting a response from you as soon as you can.

NB.Once you received the check i would like you to cash it and wire the excess funds so the shipment would commense earlier.
re: explain how this works again?WCC
Oct 24, 2003 1:47 PM
..i read the Secret Service article but the scams dont see the same...looks like the letter was translated by google. funny.