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Do They think we are stupid???(3 posts)

Do They think we are stupid???racer02
Oct 19, 2003 3:45 PM
We have posted a few products on and have received many erroneous and scamming emails looking to purchase the products, Do they think we are that stupid,if so they better look at there game plan and review there strategies, We have included a few of the scamming and bogus emails below with the names of the email of the sender,these are just a few of the many , so as a courtesy note we are warning you of these idiots who think we are naïve.
Email from ., (Samuel John)
Email states : Thanks for your quick response. I am glad to know that the bike is still for sale and in good condition. I am interested in it and will offer you $1100for it, let me know if this is ok with you.

Regarding payment, I have suggested that my client residing in the states should send you a certified check of $6,500 which will carter for the cost price and for shipping.

I have an International shipping agent that will pick-up and ship the bike over to me here in Darkar and its expensive though. So, on getting the check, you are to cash it and deduct the cost price then do me a favour of sending the remaining funds meant for shipping to my International shipper via Western Union/Money gram. Immediately he
gets the funds, he will come for the pick-up.

Confirm this and send your full name, address and phone number which will be used in mailing the check payment to you via courier service.
I'll be waiting for your favourable reply.
Thanks and regards,
Another email states and is from these address (Adede Yinyin)
email states : Hello,

My name is Cole Doyin from Holland,i live and have a business in the Holland.
i`m interested in purchasing your advertised bike for $1900 for one my cousin who will be having her birthday on the 10th of next month also pls if you can send the pics ,i will be greatfull and again dont forget to send me the info for payment cos i want to travel by first week of next month so i want to conclude on the bike asap.The bike is for my cousin as i said and she so much likes bike and she will be having her birthday soon in UAE on the 10th of Nov next month, and the price is okay with me,Also i will like you not to worry about the shipping arangement,an agent of mine here in the Holland will be coming down for the pick up to UAE after payment conclusion and i will like you to know that my mode of payment is by an american cashier's cheque or official cheque drawn from an American bank.please if this is acceptable,kindly send me ur name and address including ur phone number for easy communication. where the cheque will be mail to you and i want to be sure that,after you
have deduct ur cost of the bike you will have the balance on the funds sent to my shipper in holland for the picking up ok.
I Iook forward to hear from you soon. Respond asap if this is ok by you.pls again am sorry for my english cos i can not speak very well.

re: Do They think we are stupid???trooper841
Nov 3, 2003 1:06 PM
I guess I was stupid! I've been contacted by Cole Doyin from Holland recently. I just posted another scam alert. Wish I had seen this posting earlier and saved me some emails to this a-hole! Thanks for the warning!
Look at all the posts above this one STILL asking if its a scamDave Hickey
Nov 15, 2003 5:24 AM
As PT Barnum said. There's a sucker born every minute...