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Watch out for Lissy Duke - from Switzerland -possible fraud(2 posts)

Watch out for Lissy Duke - from Switzerland -possible fraudRDM
Oct 18, 2003 8:36 PM
Read the email she sent me about wanting to buy my bike.
This seems to be a textbook example of what to watch out for. I told her that I was not interested. Beware!

Thanks for your mail, well i am okay with the price,
so this is how i want payment to be asap by
instructing my client in
the states to issue you a certified bank check of
$6,000 and this
should take care of all expences in this transaction,
what you will do once
you have recieved it is to cash it, deduct your own
money($1500) and the wiring charges and wire the
balance to my international shipping agent through
WESTERN UNION MONEY transfer, once he recieves the
will come over to your location the very next day for
pick up, now the money wired to the shipper is his
fees for his services, transportation to your location

and back to me, also for all charges that may arise
along this transaction cos i will want it to be
delivered to me safe and sound with out problems, i
shall send you my shipper address as soon as i contact

him, all i need of you now is to mail me your full
name and contact address as w ell as phone number so
that i can forw ard it to my client who will issue you

the check, let me know asap if you are still intrested

so that we could seal this on time.

Mrs Elizerbeth
re: Watch out for Lissy Duke - from Switzerland -possible fraudSkiusalas
Oct 24, 2003 9:11 PM
I just recieved an email from her tonight. Again asking for $6000 for my bike and then asking me to send her the remaining balance. NO THANKS. SCAM