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Don't deal with Mike Kulakowski ( post)

Don't deal with Mike Kulakowski (
Oct 4, 2003 1:16 PM
I bought a Cannondale Caad4 road bike from Mike. The list of components was good but the I haven't had such disappointment since I didn't get pony for Christmas. The "best deal on the web" included cracked antique Dura Ace cranks, Dura Ace brakes that changed into antiqes and one even changed into a 105, bent wheels, chain scars that are so deep they almost punctured the chain stay (no exaggeration), antique seatpost and worn out seat, Speedplay pedals that turned into very old Look pedals. The same bike with identical, but with more extras, was for sale at the same time and I took this one for the Dura Ace brakes and cranks. I told him that if I had seen the bike in person I would have laughed and walked away. He thought it was a great deal. And, indeed, it was for him. To his credit he gave me $50 back. But, really, I wouldn't have bought this bike for $200 less if full disclosure had been made.