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Hurricane Components(1 post)

Hurricane Componentsred_ellsworth
Oct 3, 2003 2:38 PM
The people at Hurricane are great but the website does not automatically connect to their order department. I ordered a Fork Up on 9/12. I finally got it today 10/3. I e-mailed them to find out what happened and was told that the website does not automatically send orders. If you order directly from them, use the telephone. If you are ordering through the LBS if they deal with Quality they should have no problem. BTW, for those of you with disc brakes and a fork mount rack these gadgets solve the problem. My Thule rack(Space Station) couples to a 927/928 that has fork mounts which do not work with disc brakes. The fork up solves the problem and is cheaper than replacing the mount with the type that does work with discs. The down side is that it does not lock but I use a cable thru the frames and rear wheels.