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FRAUD ALERT- HELP!!!(8 posts)

FRAUD ALERT- HELP!!!csmaller
Oct 3, 2003 12:17 PM
I am selling my Cannondale Scalpel 4000 (*thats right, the team bike) for cheap and this guy has emailed me several times indicating he is a bike store owner in nigeria and that a guy owes him 7600 from the states which he then had sent to me (supposedly) with my name on it, written by some guy named Elvis (uh, yeah ok) somethingorother. so, i was selling it (still am!) for 2K, and he sends me a cashiers check for 7600 telling me to send him the rest and that an "agent" will come and pick up the bike (he called it an "auto " a few times), needless to say I told him , to F&^& off after I checked out all the fraud alerts on this site and sure enough, his cashiers check from FLA is a fraud.
anyone else get t his far with the scam? so, now to work out how I am gonna sell this awesome bike, Im gonna have to go out in the autumn leaves and ride.
re: FRAUD ALERT- HELP!!!Alpedhuez55
Oct 6, 2003 8:49 PM
It is a fraud. Someone tried to run the exact same scam on someone I know. I would give the check to the police and let them deal with Elvis.

I used to work for a company and whenever you had someone with a Nigerian accent, you would keep a close eye on them since they would always try to send us a bad deposit and try to withdraw the money before we realized the deposit was no good.

Mike Y.
Nov 3, 2003 8:09 AM
I just received payment for a bike from ELVIS SAMUEL!!!

What should I do?
re: FRAUD ALERT- HELP!!!brandoneifrid
Oct 11, 2003 2:09 PM
I too have gotten some A$$HOLE who got me all stoked that I thought I had found a buyer for my Trek 5900 which I am trying to sell for around $2650. First, this guy that he wanted to buy it (should have known - no specific questions about the bike or condition). Then e-mailed me back and said that he has a client in the US that is going to pay for him and handle the delivery of the "bike" to him. Then, he hits me with the e-mail saying that his friend/client's secretary is going to send me $7K (cashiers check or "postal order") and he wants me to do him a favor and Western Union the balance over to him. WHATEVA!!! At first my bike was posted for an overly optimistic $2800 and my only "bites" have been schmucks from overseas - like those Europeans can ride a street bike! Ha, ha....just kidding! So I lowered my asking price to something closer to reality but still may have a hard time (i.e. $2650). By the way, the scam e-mail address is Lucky Campbell [] and this guy is from the Netherlands SUPPOSEDLY right? He's probably some hacker in Queens only about 45 minutes from me - HAPPY SELLING AND RIDING, RACING, LUXURY RIDING (whatever turns your cranks over) TO ALL WHO READS
re: FRAUD ALERT- HELP!!!tracypianokeys
Oct 18, 2003 6:09 PM
hey I just got scammed by LUWIS BROWN. He sent a bad cashier's check from a DANIEL SMITH in EVERETT, WASHINGTON for $4800 more than the cost of the bike he was buying. I then sent $2000 via MONEYGRAM to SUNNY E. EMMANUEL in LONDON, ENGLAND. The other two money transfers didn't work, thank GOD!!! The Fed EX package originated in NIGERIA.
I have filed a local police report and have filed a complaint with MONEYGRAM as they had indicated that they were onto SUNNY E. EMMANUEL and did nothing to prevent the transfer of the money. I am out $2000 but gratefully I still have my bike AND the rest of the money (which I turned back into the bank). LUWIS BROWN does NOT know who he is messing with. RUN AND HIDE!! I WILL FIND YOU!!!!
re: I've got him!!Hen
Nov 3, 2003 8:07 AM
I just came accross this form. Thank God.
I Have in my hand the payment for my Ellsworth ID. The same thing. "US business partner owes me 10K I'll buy your bike for 3k and send me the change via money grams".

OK So what should I do? Any ideas how to burn this guy or should I just go to the police?
re: I've got him!!tracypianokeys
Nov 10, 2003 3:12 PM
try to get him to give you his name and address..not just a moneygram location. Then contact your local police with the information. There is a special Secret Service investigation into these "Nigerian scams".
re: FRAUD ALERT- HELP!!!Peterjd66
Nov 17, 2003 6:26 AM
Some loser named Gold Johnson tried to scam me too. I thought it was for real until I got this message which just didn't sound right:

gold johnson wrote:

Thanks for the info,i think im satisfied. Like i said earlier i am based in (amsterdam the netherland holland).i am still intrested in the Cannondale F400 (2002).There won't be any problems about the shipment,after payment the pick up will be made at your place. I will make arrangements with the prepaid shipping company. As
regards payment,this is what i am going to do; I
have a client in the US who is owing me US $2000 i would instruct him to make out a cashiers check to you in that amount and he tell me that their is no need to go to the bank because of the delay that you are going to have value for it immediatly at the cash point you can
now deduct your money from it and send the balance to the shipper via western union money transfer.Although the value of the check is more than the asking price but i think i should be able to trust you with my balance.

The reason why i am doing this is that it would take a check sent from over here in (amsterdam netherland) 21days to clear over there,whereas a check sent from the US would clear tops within 48hrs. So i would like you to deduct the western union charges from my balance.So if my terms are acceptable to you,i would like you to
give me your full name,address and phone number so that i can instruct my client to make out the payment to you. Pls get back to me as soon as you get this mail so that we can round up in a timely fashion. i hope i can trust you with this transaction.

After checking around for scams I found this forum and cannot thank you guys enough for reporting this stuff - that's why it is so important that these scams get reported! BTW: I just sent the guy an email telling him that he has been set up by the FBI and that international authorities have traced his origin and that he will soon be served (by international authorities) with an arrest warrant.