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Performance Bike Overcharging(1 post)

Performance Bike OverchargingAlpedhuez55
Oct 2, 2003 7:57 PM
They are a pretty reliable source for parts, but this is the second time it has happenned to me. I ordered some parts last month and when I got my credit card statement the charge was larger than what it should have been.

The first time it was about $15 extra saying they should have charged my for oversized shipping. They did not notify my on the change of the billed amount though. They could at least send an email to you to let you know that they made an error and the site was not calculating the right shipping charges.

This time it was $30 overcharged. I sent them an email yesterday and they responded quickly. They said they overcharged me on a couple of parts and they are crediting my card the difference. But if I did not check my statement against my invoice, I would not have noticed.

I would not have said anything, but this is the second time it happenned. I will probably buy from them again since I like their clothes. Check invoice against the charged amount on your card, especially if you used a coupon code.

Mike Y.