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Excess Payment Scam: BEWARE!(2 posts)

Excess Payment Scam: BEWARE!fatire
Oct 1, 2003 3:41 AM
I read about several other instances of this but it wasn't listed under this topic.
My buyer was claiming to live in Russia and work in Berlin and his communications were a little strange and ultimately culiminated with this "offer" (older threads included also)
I found several references to this scheme as Nigerian based. Whether this guy was Nigerian, who can say.

Hello Steve,
I just want you to know that I am a very busy man....
My business associate owed me $4,500 and according to his policy,he doesn't issue check to his Creditors twice,just for him to avoid mix-up and you know that it will take a very long days before you can get the check.
That is the reason why I want to ask him to send the check to you and,you will then send the balance to my shipping agent so that He can come for the pick up at your Location the same day.
I hope you can understand me now,
Mail me now,

To: "Desmond Mathews"
Subject: Re: your ad Front Shock $799+$100..........$899
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 21:25:24 -0400

Thanks for the generous offer but I just want a check for the agreed upon amount $799.00 plus $50.00 for parcel post or $849.00 total.
Why would you send me $4500.
That doesn't make sense, please explain.

I got your mail,Right now you know I'm in Germany,but i'll
instruct my Business Associate in the USA to send you a check of
$4,500,before he leaves for Korea(He's a multiple business man),and
you'll send the excess funds to my shipper in the UK via western
union,for him to come for the pick up at your location,I'll give you
my shipping agent's datas as soon as the check gets to you,He's in
the UK and he handles my shipping arrangement.
I'll be very grateful if really you can do everything the same
day you recieve the check for a faster transaction....
I'll compensate you with $100 for the (efforts)running around in
sending the balance to my shipper..
I'll need your datas for the check to get to you soonest..
Pls mail me today,to let me know what's good.
I know I can trust you,
Yeah... and....?filtersweep
Oct 11, 2003 9:23 AM
Good lord, do we need to post every one of these scams? Anyone doing any parts buying/selling online has received one of these- to think you will spare someone from dealing with the same "buyer" is absurd.

I don't mean to pick on you, but there is nothing new about this sort of thing.

The scam itself has been affectionately named as "Nigerian"- it is no more Nigerian than a pigeon drop involved actual pigeons - although early scammers were disproportionately claiming to be from Nigeria.