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Attn: FRAUD--- GlobeAutos Riders-- Justin(2 posts)

Attn: FRAUD--- GlobeAutos Riders-- Justintwodogsracing
Sep 24, 2003 1:59 PM
Attention: Fraud Alert!!!
Be careful of the following person or email address. He made me an offer on my bike (a rather expensive one) advertised on this site. His story was that he owned a company that ships stuff all over the world so he would arrange for a shipper to pick up the bike. He wanted the bike to picked up at the same time he shipped the Cashiers Check. I informed him that I did not feel comfortable having the bike picked up before I received the check unless I could verify his name, business, and phone #. He did not want to offer the information. I said then I would let the bike be picked up if the driver brought the check with him. He said to I should just send him all my address info and telephone # so the bike could be picked up and everything would be fine. He was unwilling to call me or let me call him. As soon as I told him that I would not do the deal unless he was willing to at least let me verify some of his information the emails and offers stopped.
Be careful.

Things that tipped me off—

1. Wanted to have the bike picked up as soon as possible.
2. Said he owned a company that shipped all over the world but would not share company name.
3. Use of English was wrong (I was not trying to be judgmental but this along with his name didn't make sense).
4. Offered me more than I had the bike listed for.
5. Unwilling to share any information about himself.
6. Wanted to pay only via cashiers check because that was the easiest for him but could not give me the name of the bank the check would be drawn on.

Here is his email and the name he was going by in the email.


"globeautos riders"

PS—I just recently sold a bike to a guy in Ecuador and felt totally safe about the transaction because the individual in Ecuador was willing to let me verify his business and name. I also shipped the bike to a forward-shipping business in Miami that would accept the payment for the bike a forward it to him. He gave me all the contact information of the business in Miami that would be paying for the bike on his behalf and I was able to verify everything to know the deal was good. Likewise I gave him any information he requested. Just be careful.
re: Attn: FRAUD--- GlobeAutos Riders-- Justintontori
Oct 2, 2003 1:00 PM
I just read your posting and simply wanted to comment. I currently have a bike posted for sale on the bikereview website. I have received many replies from obvious scammers and only a few replies from legitimate buyers. It really makes me angry that these jerks prey on us the way they do.

You will probably receive many more responses like the one from "Justin." DO NOT accept a cashiers check under any circumstances. These checks can be forgeries just like ID cards and Visas. You will take the check to the bank and your bank will probably cash it. When they discover there is no money on the other end they will debit your account. Then you are out the money and your bike/component.

I always tell these guys that I will only sell to an American living in the U.S. who can provide me with a verifiable name, date of birth, address, phone number, work address and work phone number. I ask for a personal check that will be cashed before any item is shipped. I accuse them of being scammers and tell them if they contact me again I will send there e-mail address to the Secret Service and FBI. If I'm really upset I will say a few things I can't repeat here...Needless to say, I have never heard back from any of them.

Good luck keeping the scammers at bay.