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Does anyone know Art Rand ( posts)

Does anyone know Art Rand ( Klassen
Sep 24, 2003 4:17 AM
I purchased a set of cranks from him over a week ago, had him send them overnite FedEx (I provided everything for him to do that, he just had to drop them off) since I sent the money order on Thursday, he has not responded to ANY of my emails (previously he'd respond within an hour or so), and obviously I have not received anything. I am starting to think I am being ripped off - he has various items for sale in the classifieds, I purchased a set of used (with wear marks) Dura Ace arms for $70 and a BB to go with it (for $25). If anyone has info on this person, I'd appreciate hearing about it. Otherwise, I'm going to have to assume the worst and proceed from there, I suppose.
re: Does anyone know Art Rand (
Sep 24, 2003 1:09 PM
Bro, i sent him a money order for 400 bucks for the Lew wheels, last week, emailed him asking him did he receive the money order yet twice, and he never responded, im starting to think i got rip off big time here, heres my email email me and let me know what actions you are going to take, im getting extremly pissed off here....
re: Does anyone know Art Rand ( Klassen
Sep 24, 2003 1:14 PM
Shoot, I was really hoping that this was just some error. It may still be, he may have had something happen and he's out of the loop for a few days, but I haven't had a response since Thursday, and he assured me the cranks would go out Friday (overnite FedEx, I provided him with everything to do so), so I am getting worried as well. If this is indeed getting ripped off, I will do whatever it takes to claim mail fraud and have him prosecuted for that FEDERAL offense. It is no small thing to do that, so we will do something. Feel free to email me at larryjklassen(at)hotmail(dot)com and we can discuss.
re: Does anyone know Art Rand (
Sep 24, 2003 1:27 PM
Larry, i think ive been scammed too, i sent him a money order for 400 bucks for a set of lew wheels, emailed him twice all ready and ask if he receive my money order, he never got back to me, im starting to think the worst also, email me let me know what actions u gonna take...
re: Does anyone know Art Rand ( UPDATEGixxerRick
Sep 24, 2003 7:42 PM
With the help with members on this board, we have figure out that is out of town, the products (in the classifed ads) for those who money order him or paypal him whatever the case may be, should be sent out soon. I will keep all you guys updated when i recieve my wheelset. Thank u all for helping out with this case..
re: Does anyone know Art Rand ( UPDATErinserni
Sep 25, 2003 5:12 AM
Is that so? How do you explain how I bought the Lew wheels for my daughter and sent a check for the Lew wheels also? Seems like he sold them to two people!!!!
I started this post, and have spoken with...Larry Klassen
Sep 25, 2003 6:58 AM
his mother, who explained everything to me. I am inclined to believe her, but nothing is proven until I get the cranks and BB in question. I still have yet to hear from him, but while I was talking with her she described my money order, the cranks set aside for me (partially packed), etc., so I am optimistic regarding this. As I find any more information I will let others know. She did tell me he sold a "whole bunch" of bike parts prior to leaving for college, and he left them for her to ship (don't know why), so hopefully everything will be on its way soon.
I started this post, and have spoken with...rinserni
Sep 25, 2003 1:52 PM
Can you please give me her contact information? Email it to me at: I bought the wheels for my daughter to replace some that were stolen and she needs them to compete in a race soon. I need to know what's going on.
re: Does anyone know Art Rand (
Sep 25, 2003 10:19 AM
I've tried to contact him myself and he does not respond. His ad for the Lew wheels $400 includes a pic from a set he was supposedly selling last year! they are not in fact new new new like he claims. Also, you can see wear on the brake surface that a new set of wheels just would not have.
re: Does anyone know Art Rand (
Sep 25, 2003 1:57 PM
At this point I don't care, because I'm between a rock and a hard place. This is my daughter's first race as the 2003 National Champion in her age group, so she needs the race wheels to make a good showing. Her's were stolen, and I bought these to replace them. She's upset (and I guess also that the national champ looks a little funny showing up at a race on her old banged-up training wheels).
re: Does anyone know Art Rand (
Sep 25, 2003 3:53 PM
Just my worthless comments since I have great respect but little sympathy. Cranks and BB in great shape for 1/4 the retail price. Lew wheels for 1/3 the retail price, sounds like a real deal to me. $600+ gets Mavic Ksyriums brandy new from Bill Larsen, no sweat no hassles. Looks like more than one person is financing this guys education via Lew Wheels. Now that I am semi retired I see a good way of supplimenting my Social Security. I never tell people how to spend their money but the days of trust are basically over. I hope you guys get your stuff but as I told LK the other night, it smells. I don't buy ebay anymore, and only if I know the person on this site. That leaves me with Larson, Klassen and CarbonLord. At least I know I will get the stuff.

Bruce heading for Moab
re: Does anyone know Art Rand ( Klassen
Sep 25, 2003 5:19 PM
I agree, I am fairly leery of dealing on these sites, even after having purchased hundreds of separate items between this and MTBR (not an occupation, just an all-encompassing hobby that is far too addictive - Red, you can relate). To be fair, these cranks were only in "good" condition, and the rings I wasn't worried about because I have a set here anyway. So, $70 is a great price for them, but not an absolute steal (pardon the pun) - i.e. not incomprehensible.

Anyway, I just spoke with his mother again, turns out he had promised the wheels to one person, and two people had just sent personal checks without confirming that they had the wheels coming to them - they included copies of their emails where they were just inquiring if they were still available, but never got confirmation that they were available or not. She is sending their personal checks back, and trying to ship the wheels out tomorrow to the one person to whom he had commited. She is talking to him tonite and confirming who the person was that he had agreed to sell the wheels to and sending them out tomorrow, and returning payment to all those who had sent and are not getting the wheels.

I agree, it does smell fishy initially, but I actually think this won't end up as theft, more misunderstanding, over-exuberance when selling, etc. - hopefully everyone will get their money or else product.

I also have to agree, I have purchased from Bill Larson (excellent service, great prices) and have dealt with CarbonLord - I trust both completely. The one I trust the most though is Red_Ellsworth himself, since I have purchased alot from him, never been disappointed, and always been pleasantly surprised at how nice the product ended up being (always as good or better than described). I should know, I ride his wife's Ellsworth Truth frame/fork/etc., his old road Spinergy's, and various other parts. No one better to deal with.

re: Does anyone know Art Rand (
Sep 25, 2003 6:05 PM
I've sent you my emails detailing my "offer" to buy the wheels and the "acceptance" by Art, so I was not one of the "inquirers". I would appreciate you providing me with his mother's telephone number so that I can find out what's going on.
I'm getting a little chapped, here...rinserni
Sep 25, 2003 6:06 PM
I've sent you my emails detailing my "offer" to buy the wheels and the "acceptance" by Art, so I was not one of the "inquirers". I would appreciate you providing me with his mother's telephone number so that I can find out what's going on.
I'm getting a little chapped, here...Larry Klassen
Sep 25, 2003 6:29 PM
As I said in my email, I am NOT associated with this guy, I am NOT his intermediary, and I am NOT responsible for him or any deals that he has made. I am trying to inform people whatever I know and find out, I don't appreciate these emails and messages implying I have some sort of responsibility here. You have his mother's number, I've already emailed you. Why are you continuing to post like this?
I got my cranks, how did everyone fare with the wheelset?Larry Klassen
Sep 30, 2003 3:53 AM
I got the cranks I purchased, in the condition they were described. I had paid extra for a bottom bracket and did not receive that - apparently a misunderstanding between his mother and him in terms of wording. I have no reason to believe otherwise since I DID receive the crankset, but I have yet to hear back from them as to how they will resolve this (either paying me my $$ back for the BB, or sending the BB).

How has it worked out for the wheels? Has everyone received their money back (or wheelset to whomever he decided he had commited to, even though it sounds as though multiple people had a commitment)?
I got my cranks, how did everyone fare with the wheelset?GixxerRick
Sep 30, 2003 9:34 PM
Still have not receive my wheels or my money order back yet, this must be the longest and most fustrating transaction i ever had to deal with online, im hoping i receive something in the mail soon though...
I got my cranks, how did everyone fare with the wheelset?Larry Klassen
Oct 1, 2003 11:19 AM
I can understand that - I still have yet to hear from Art himself, which is very frustrating. I apparently have a message on my answering machine from his mother stating that the misunderstanding around the bottom bracket was that he still had it on his bike (then why did he sell it to me?) and that he would either send me the BB or money back for it. Not impressed - I can't use the cranks until I have the bb, and if I don't even know if he is sending it to me or sending me money, I can't go out and purchase one right now. Sounds like a real rookie when it comes to selling stuff - not sure it is malicious as much as incompetence, but they are both frustrating nonetheless. Best of luck, post what happens.
I got my cranks, how did everyone fare with the wheelset?ebo
Oct 6, 2003 8:05 PM
Hi Larry. First time back to good trader/bad trader in quite a while. No longer dealing parts. Seems like a lot of the riff raff is still going on. Hopefully it is an exception and not the rule. I deal with Bill Larson a bit still and a few others on MTBR. Hope you all get what you paid for. Take care,
Eric Dennis