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You'd think fraud would be less obvious(1 post)

You'd think fraud would be less obviousbikesale
Sep 12, 2003 11:08 PM
Been getting 'inquiries' about a bike I have for sale. Can't belive the people who write this crap are for real. Doesn't quite fit the mold of some of the other fraud's mentioned, but come-on... Ireland isn't in the UK, and "Campbridge" (spelled wrong), certainly ain't in Ireland. And who on earth is even going to want to try to get someone to ship a 300 dollar bike internationally...

Obvious Fraud Message:

From :
"patrick Dominoo"

I'm interested in your 'ad' for sale,
I'm ready to buy it,
My name is John Winterlo,
I'm from Ireland,UK,I live in Campbridge,
I work as a Building Contrator in Japan,Korea in Yung Jo Group of Company Ltd.
I always come my home in the Ireland,UK,every 4 months and travel back to my place of work
My method of payment is an American cashier's check that can be drawn on a Bank of USA,
Pls get back to me with your last offer(Price)..
I'll like to know its condition at this moment..
Pls mail me today,
John Winterlo...